HeadHunter In General: Their Functions

HeadHunter In General: Their Functions

HeadHunter In General: Their Functions

If you do not know what a headhunter is, this article will open up a series of possibilities that are probably unknown to you or your business until now. In a labor market that is changing as the current one, it seems that if you want to focus as much as possible on your company, you should explore the innovation that takes place around you.

For this reason, the work of headhunting is increasingly demanded by businesses that do not want to be stagnant but rather continue being innovative.

In this article, we will tell you about the importance of headhunting and implementing this service in your company, as well as the functions that this figure can perform for you.

What Is A Headhunter And What Is Their Function?

A headhunter is nothing more than a person in charge of selecting personnel for a company under the guidelines it establishes. Its essential work lies in the search for talents and, for this, it must undertake considerable filtering in the entire labor market.

One of the main attributes that characterize headhunting is that not only are candidates sought among those who are actively seeking employment but that headhunters turn to any specialized profile, regardless of whether or not they are looking for work.

In this way, you can try to convince a worker to change companies if they are offered better working conditions than those they have in their current job.

However, the work of headhunting is not always limited to the search for a specific job profile. It is also common for these people to carry out a study of the labor market and checking the existing databases to determine which profile is the best suited to the position they are seeking to fill.

Recruitment By A Headhunter Step By Step

Although each person can indeed search for talents differently, in this section, we summarize the fundamental and generic steps that a headhunter follows:

Receive Information From The Company About The Profile To Be Covered

This not only simplifies your job in that search but also requires you to know job specifications to expose them to potential candidates. This information can be precise from the company, or the headhunter can specify it by studying the needs of the market.

Search For Contacts

At this point, the current context makes it possible for recruiters to use social networks (such as LinkedIn, the specialist in employment). However, they can also turn to other sources or directly contact companies where people of that profile work.

Contact With The Preferred Candidate

Contact with the candidate, specifying the position to be filled and what is expected of him in the company. In this sense, an effort is made to convince him to attend a face-to-face interview with the headhunter.

Interviews By The Headhunter

Through an interview, the headhunter decides to filter their candidates further, reducing them to a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 2. These will be the ones who finally go to the company for an interview with the employers.

Final Interview At The Company

From the range of candidates that are sent, the company decides which ones will be chosen to do the job finally.

Advantages Of Using Headhunting For Companies

This process is used in precise profiles that are difficult to find, either because of their importance (managerial or high command positions) or because of their scarcity. For example, computer scientists are in high demand as today’s big data world grows enormously, and there are hardly any professionals.

The essential advantage is that the headhunters find the best professionals and carry out an exhaustive analysis in the market so that the company saves all that process that can be used to invest in improving its business in another way.

In addition to saving time, you have to keep in mind that headhunters are people who have been trained in this field and who have experience in it, so they will presumably get the best candidates. In companies, there is not such an explicit specialization in searching and recruiting profiles, so in addition to wasting time, it is possible that the best options were not found.

In short, being a headhunter in today’s world is an excellent option if you want to direct your professional career in that area. Currently, more and more companies are turning to these professionals due to the specialization of the market and the difficulty of finding candidates for any of the profiles.

Therefore, always consult a headhunter to discover the best training and to fulfil your dream of dedicating yourself to what you want as soon as possible.

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