How Lean Six Sigma Improves Your Organization

How Lean Six Sigma Improves Your Organization

Developed in 1986 within Motorola, Six Sigma is a toolset of methods aimed at improving organizational processes. Individuals and organizations globally use six sigma methods to enhance the efficiency of their operations. The Lean method is similar to Six Sigma and emphasizes optimal productivity in all areas of services. While Six Sigma stresses more on reducing errors, the lean strategy aims to identify unnecessary steps that waste resources and effort.

The following are the ways Lean Six Sigma improves the process within your organization.

Enhanced Employee Motivation And Satisfaction

Six Sigma benefits both leaders and employees. It offers leaders an opportunity to clarify and provide a rationale for their message. Employees can be directed toward a common cause, creating a sense of camaraderie based on improved results. Businesses that successfully engage and motivate employees can consistently achieve up to 50% percent increased productivity.

Reduce Costs of Operation

Having shoddy processes is costly for any organization. A tried and true way to reduce operating costs is by having an innovation and improvement mindset and a deeper understanding of an organization’s operations. Six Sigma’s methodologies can help reduce problematic processes down to 3.4 defects per million of possibilities or opportunities. When an organization spends less trying to fix defective products and processes, it can reduce the costs and increase revenue by up to 50%.

Better Partnerships With Other Companies

Other companies associated with one that is doing well can adopt similar improvements, leading to better and long-term partnerships.

Effective Time Management

Integrating lean Six Sigma tools and methods will help organizations enable their employees to manage their time effectively by applying data principles and goal setting, resulting in well-organized business and improved production levels.

Enhanced Productivity

Six Sigma can help break down productivity barriers by collecting critical business data from various sources and empowering your organization to precisely identify the primary cause/s of low productivity and gauge time spent on taste and processes. Six Sigma will help you get to the heart of the problem instead of running around in circles.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Loyal and happy customers /consumers are crucial to any business or organization. To achieve this, the product or service should consistently maintain its quality. Six Sigma’s methods and tools will help an organization apply improved quality control and upgraded processes resulting in an improved and quality product and, ultimately, improved customer satisfaction.

Efficiently and Promptly Meet Deadlines

When an organization begins a project, it goes beyond the appointed deadline due to shifts and changes ranging from scope to management. By applying Six Sigma methods, an organization can identify root causes that result in a project going beyond its original deadline and find solutions to these issues, reducing project life cycle times by up to 35%.

Integrating lean six sigma is a known way to improve an organization’s internal processes. Companies that adopt lean six sigma find it easier to eliminate waste and drive innovations, initiatives and new projects that are focused on improving processes. Slim six sigma trains team members to enhance their analytical skills to determine causes and evaluate them before acting. In this way, professionals can approach and resolve problems efficiently within an organization.

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