The Functions of a Manager in a Company

The Functions of a Manager in a Company


There is a lot to take into account when you are a manager of a certain group or a company. 

Aside from being the leader on a project, having the ability to lead people, and having ideas and confidence, being a manager encompasses more than that. So, if you are planning to take the position of being a manager, here are the functions of a manager in a company that you should note. 

What are the Traits of an Efficient Manager?

To be an efficient manager, you should be able to:

  • Lead

What probably comes first thing in our minds upon hearing the word ‘manager’ is leadership. In order to be a manager, you need to be a good leader first. As a manager, it is your responsibility to guide, motivate, communicate, and encourage your employees in order to create an efficient workplace. 

  • Plan

Planning or mapping out ideas in order to achieve a goal is probably one of the common things a manager does. Managers decide what steps are necessary in order to achieve their common goal as a company. Afterward, he/she will schedule the plan and make blueprints in order for their members to see. Aside from that, managers also make backup plans in case things don’t go as planned.

  • Organize

This comes after planning for an upcoming project. As a manager, aside from the ideas, you need to organize the team and get the materials ready according to the plan. You need to assign work and grant authority. Furthermore, you should make everything work according to the plan.

  • Coordinate

Being the leader doesn’t mean that your ideas are the only ones that everyone should follow. You should also ask your employees for their opinions. By doing that, you are forming a harmonic relationship with them and creating a comfortable and open space where they can share their views and opinions.


  • Report

The sole responsibility of being the manager is to report updates regarding the project you are all working on to the higher authorities. 

  • Budget

As the manager, you should ensure that the budget allocated for a project does not exceed the minimum cost.

  • Control

This doesn’t mean beefing up your employees. To control as the manager means that you need to have everything under control when it comes to plans, resource allocations, and budgets. Moreover, you should see to it that you have everything running through the palms of your hands. 


Being the manager is not an easy task to do. You are accountable for everything that happens in your company. Hence, in order to create an efficient workplace, you need to consider not just your position, your power, and the company you are working for. Instead, you should also put in mind your employees and their feelings.


Furthermore, you need to motivate, build confidence, empathize, communicate, and decide for your team because you are not going to be a manager without these people. Contemplate the functions of a manager in a company for better efficiency in your role. 






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