Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence: What Are They?

Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence: What Are They?

There are some misinterpretations about Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence. Many people seem to view it as the same thing since they both have fundamental principles and systematic-based approaches to achieve continuous improvement. These two business strategies are both observed for the possibility of assimilating some aspects of culture that are significant for the betterment and success of one’s company. Furthermore, they possess an excellent standardized process for overall accountability beyond the organization. 


Apart from that, these two managerial approaches also give your company the specific approach to the business as a whole, allowing you to achieve a positive public image and possibly gain more satisfied customers. 


In addition, they both create fundamental principles for striving to achieve the best outcome and better progress in any business’s goal.


What Is The Difference Between Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence


Lean six sigma and operational excellence may look similar from the outside look, but they are completely different when you try to understand their function. Lean six sigma is a team-oriented managerial method that aims to provide excellent accomplishment and eliminate waste and inadequacy to improve customer satisfaction. The combination of lean and six sigma helps to enhance the professionalism and the consistency of the process.


On the other hand, operational excellence is a substructure for businesses to emphasize the development and execute their action plan effectively against their competitors. Thus, operational excellence enables the organization to do a more outstanding performance and sustain the system approach to ensure continuous improvement.


Furthermore, lean six sigma and operational excellence both provide a top-quality overall performance to ensure the company’s successful operation and exceed customer’s expectations while building up proficient quality.

The Benefits of Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence

Ultimately, the use of lean six sigma and operational excellence is necessary to the overall growth target of a business, employee’s health, safety and security, and some organizational value. Also, these approaches guarantee high-quality services, which result in customer satisfaction.


Aside from that, lean six sigma & operational excellence create an extreme combination of fundamental principles to attain the goal of one’s business. It will help support the organization for continuous improvement at all levels. Moreover, it will build a better alignment across the organization and improve the top and bottom-line processes of the business.


To sum up, practicing these two business strategies—lean six sigma and operational excellence—can help in choosing the exact proposal plan for assessments that are aligned with your business strategy. This is essential for any company’s long-term success.


Furthermore, using these managerial approaches is a great framework to enhance the productivity of your workforce, improve customer care and service, and eventually boost sales by driving more customers towards your business.


Using lean six sigma and operational excellence helps to enhance the organization, as well as create an extreme performance towards any parts of businesses to attain its target goal. Moreover, incorporating this procedure could propel your company to new heights and have a significant positive impact on your organization and client expectations.


It is also important for every individual in the company to be involved in this process in order for their company to be successful. Furthermore, this managerial technique will develop your teamwork and lead to future continual improvement.





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