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Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence: What Are They?

Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence: What Are They? There are some misinterpretations about Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence. Many people seem to view it as the same thing since they both have fundamental principles and systematic-based approaches to achieve continuous improvement. These two business strategies are both observed for the possibility of assimilating […]

What Is Supply Chain Management And Why Is It Important?

A supply chain is a structure between a business and its customers and suppliers that incorporate all the negotiations involved in changing raw materials into saleable products. The structure comprises the people, resources, information, activities, and technology, while the functional members involved in the business structures include customer service, logistics, sourcing, production, sales, and procurement.    […]

The Reasons Why Digital & Transformation Is Essential For Your Business Growth

The Reasons Why Digital & Transformation Is Essential For Your Business Growth Nowadays, digital & transformation is the most crucial thing for your business’s success. That is why everybody desires to go digital. However, which way should you start? What is digital & transformation, and why is having digital transformation essential? We understand that technology […]

How Important Is A Specialised Headhunter Within the Supply Chain?

How Important Is A Specialised Headhunter Within the Supply Chain? Production does not happen merely. It undergoes a lot of processes, and it requires a strong workforce. That is why companies need to have high-quality employees to produce high-quality products. However, looking for employees that perfectly fit their standards is a tedious process. This is […]

Digitization In Switzerland

Digitization in Switzerland

Digitization In Switzerland Everybody is speaking about digitization in Switzerland. It is the hidden agenda for the latest products and services that transform the economic models of transporting SMEs. The digital changes are also assisting Swiss agencies in fitting into current markets. Simultaneously, digitization in Switzerland’s investing location provides outstanding investment orders for foreign agencies.  […]

Digitization In Supply Chain

Digitization In Supply Chain Modernization and industrialization have been getting out of hand in the present universal marketplace. The market has been getting bigger and bigger while at the same time, the categories and distinction of target consumer groups are getting lesser. This drastic change that continues to take place in the marketplace affects the […]

Lean Six Sigma In Banking

Lean Six Sigma In Banking The Principle Of Lean Six Sigma In Banking By increasing productivity in their operations, banks aim to keep operating costs to a minimum. Lean Six Sigma is one methodology or approach that can be used for cost reduction. The aim of a lean banking approach is to identify areas of […]

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management   SCM, short for supply chain management, involves transporting merchandise crafted from raw material. It considers multiple factors such as planning for stock, products, demands, sales, operation, and supervising supply. How Is Success A Big Factor In Supply Chain Management? This business prosperity relies on the contentment of the consumer and the […]