I have been in contact with Stratigo since 2010 focussing on new career possibilities. I can only underline the great experience I’ve made with Timo during thisn process.
Not only did I receive excellente job offers meeting my exact requirements but also impressed by the high professional standards during this process. The philosophy behind Stratigo is the most advanced in the market. I can only say positive about Timo.
Logistics Manager – Global Functional Expert – 40b USD turnover – Multinational conglomerate company

With an open mind, active positive interaction and useful tips I can only recommened dealing with Stratigo.
Supply Chain Director – 2 Mrd € turnover – chemical industry

During our highly professional journey, Stratigo® was clear and honest throughout the hiring process. Instand and regular updates helped to managed expectations. For future vacancies we will sureley use the service from Stratigo again.
COO – 200mio USD turnover – chemical industry