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We are based in Zürich and are well known for our focus within the Digital & Transformation | Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence | Supply Chain | IT area.

We understand your needs and will assure to find the best suitable candidate in the market for you.



  •  Competent
  •  Professional
  •  Engaged
  •  Understanding your business


In short, I am a satisfied customer who is always by competent and individual advice at any point up to the present day and has felt cared for.

Candidate selection

  • Recording of a video interview
  • Lean Six Sigma Assessment MBB
  • Personal Assessment  
  • BIG 5 – OCEAN Personality Test


Markets across industries have undergone significant changes within the last decade or so. Thanks to the advent of technologies,…


All Stratigo® employees are trained in Lean Six Sigma to make sure to understand our candidates

As specialized Operational Excellence headhunter we see ourselves in a better position compared to our market. With our unique approach to get in touch with potential candidates we make sure to create a long lasting business relationship. This ensures to be able to have a profound network. Our network has grown in years which speaks well for us as a recruiter. We see ourselves as the leading expert in specialised recruitment. 

Stratigo® recruitment provides a service which is:

  •  Competent
  •  Professional
  •  Engaged
  •  Understanding your business

We have made ​​it our task to create individual concepts to find the best talent in the market to fill the position within the Operational Excellence (Lean Six Sigma) and SupplyChain (Industry 4.0 digitization).

  • We specialize in the search and selection of specialists and executives
  • We provide a comprehensive analysis of the requirements and guidance in the area of ​​Operational Excellence, Supply Chain (Industry 4.0 & digitalization)
  • We assess all candidates through assessment centers, management audits, and provide in-depth personality analysis to find the perfect candidate for your company
  • We work directly with the candidate, not via subcontractors
  • Acquisition of staff for companies that do not want to disclose their own personal needs
  • Targeted search of employees from other companies
  • You get your favorite candidate and no career changers
  • No print advertisement
  • We will send you the candidate profiles within 20 working days (market Ø 8-12 weeks)
  • Flexible fee models (eg fixed price, performance-based remuneration,search mandates) including money-back guarantees
  • High discretion
  • High expertise within the specific industry

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